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We’d like our toddlers to possess active lifestyles since they grow, that’s why we’d like them walking on their very own as swiftly as possible. Baby walkers are well-known for being a childs first walking assistant, let alone the pleasure a walker will bring them since they walk their way around the house. What’s even better is that a few, if not the vast majority of these walkers arrive equipped with a big choice of entertaining features aimed at maintaining toddlers healthful and entertained constantly. In all fairness, there are plenty of infant walkers to select from which you’re probably to settle for a good one finally, however this might end up costing you a ton.

Not only is it robust and comfortable, but it was developed to be aesthetically pleasing as possible, particularly from the toddlers perspective. Among them, a steering wheel which activates a wide selection of lights and fun ocean noises with the opportunity to personalize these sounds as you wish. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker – Made out of nylon, plastic, and steel, this infant walker combines comfort with robustness while promoting healthful development through rhythm and music. Speaking of that, its audio system requires 2 AA batteries which will last you 3 hours of music.

In addition, it’s got a pretend phone headset which requires two AA batteries. Joovy Spoon Walker – Equipped together with a super sized tray together with removable insert, this specific baby walker will also empower you to feed your baby without taking him out from the seat. As you’d imagine, this walker also features 3 height adjustments, together with oversize wheels and non slip stair pads for greater relaxation. Safety first Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker – Colorful and entertaining, the Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker out of Safety first includes two swing open activity trays and a folding frame for relaxation and versatility.

These toys may also be used for floor play though needed because of their flexible nature. On it, we find more distractions to keep the child amused at all times, distractions such as a spinning ball in the middle, flipping doors, sliding beads, turning gears, and spinning panels. In addition, this activity walker is foldable and portable, which makes it easy to store. VTech Sit-to Stand Learning Walker – This interactive infant walker features a removable play panel which you may use to consolidate your toddlers safety should you want to do so at any moment.

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This post has been written after we wrote the Best Baby Products Deals article. You may check that if you haven’t already.

Since the best baby cribs 2018 are for infants, safety is the top priority. Also, it is important to know how to use baby cribs safely. Thus, we have listed some of the best tricks which you can refer before using a baby crib.

#1 The crib should be accurately assembled: If the baby crib is not fitted correctly, you are putting your baby in danger. Thus, you must read the manual thoroughly before assembling it by yourself.

#2 Examine the crib thoroughly: Once you are done assembling the crib, check for any problem in it.

#3 Place the crib in an appropriate place: Now, you need to find the best place in your home for your baby’s crib. Things to remember while choosing the location are:

1. The crib should be placed in a comparatively silent place to let your baby sleep peacefully in it!

2. Avoid places where there are possibilities of tipping over or any inappropriate place.

#4 Your baby should be comfortable in the crib: Comfort of your baby is another important factor. Thus, you must use ensure cushioning in the crib and a good quality blanket for your baby.

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In a family, the babies are mostly pampered by everyone. Also, parents try to get the best products for their babies. However, there is no need to visit different shops to buy various products for your baby. You can buy them all the best baby products online at Flipkart. Flipkart is one of the most widely used e-commerce websites in the world! It provides a number of things such as clothing, electronics, mobile phones, baby products, etc.

In the baby section, you will find various categories such as clothing for boys and girls, toys, and a number of baby care products. Thus, here we are with the list of some of the best baby products which you can find on Flipkart for your baby. So let’s look at the best baby products deal and see what you what we have in store for you.

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Best Baby Products for 2019 on Flipkart

best baby products

#1 LuvLap Tutti Frutti Baby Buggy

It gets difficult to carry your baby in your arms for longer durations. Thus, if you want to carry your baby, you can make use of this Baby Buggy. It is fitted with wheels which makes it easier to walk around.LuvLap Tutti Frutti

This Baby Buggy is designed for babies between 0 and 3 years of age. It is foldable which makes it portable. Flipkart will deliver it to your address if possible. You are also provided with a 10-day replacement policy in case you do not like the product. Now that is one of the best baby products you should consider.

Note: If you are in doubt what to buy from Flipkart, you can always contact them, just dial flipkart customer care no on your phone..

#2 Always Sporty BABY FLOAT Inflatable Pool Accessory

This is a must-have baby product if you have swimming pool sessions with your baby. Once you have this product, you no longer have to stay stuck to your baby in the swimming pool. It will not let your baby drown.Baby safety float

It has the weight capacity of 20KG which is enough for your baby. Also, it is deflatable which makes it easier to store. Apart from a swimming pool, it can also be used in a pond or a lake. But, you must keep an eye on your baby even when using this product in case your baby tips over and is unable to breathe.

#3 Rabbit New Cuddle Snuggle Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is another very useful thing which you can buy for your baby. If you are going to be at places where it is not possible to take a baby buggy, you can make use of the baby carrier. It is like a bag which is specially designed to carry babies. You can buy them at reasonable prices from Flipkart. It is also available in different attractive colors.

Cuddle Snuggle Carrier

#4 Baby Abstract Single Baby Sleep Sack

As we know, sleeping is one thing which every baby is good at! Thus, to make them more comfortable while sleeping, you can make them wear this sleep sack which offers a womb-like feeling to them.Sleep sack

It can be used for both baby boys and baby girls. You are also provided with a 6-month Warranty from the manufacturer.

#5 Child Safety Strip Cushion

The safety of your child is very important. Babies often hurt themselves by running into the edges of the furniture at your home. To prevent this from happening, you can make use of the Child Safety Strip Cushion instead of scolding your baby.safety cushion

This product is made out of foam and can be installed on the edges of your furniture. The installation is quite simple which is explained in detail in the manual which will be delivered along with the product.

In Conclusion

These were some of the best baby products which you can find on Flipkart. You can also make use of various discounts which are available for these products. Apart from these products, you will also find a number of products which can be used for nourishing your baby.

Do let us know which baby product from Flipkart proved to be your most useful baby product. Also, if you have any query regarding baby product deals on Flipkart, then please leave them in the comments section below.

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Valentines Week 2019: 8 Days Of Romance

This year’s Valentines Week 2019 is all about you and your partner. So make sure to have the whole week available to spend the most memorable Valentines Week in your life. We will tell you what you are going to do to surprise your loved one every single day for eight straight days before the Valentines Day.

Valentines Week 2019

Love is a critical aspect of human life. It is believed that you will be in less depression if you are loved unconditionally by someone. Finding the love of your life might sometimes be easy and sometimes very time consuming and difficult. However, once you have found the right one, you will be looking for reasons to express your love to that person. Hence, we have got Valentines Week 2019 with us.Valentines Week 2019


During this week, there are seven different days before Valentine’s Day 2019 such as Propose Day and Kiss Day. On all the days of Valentines Week, you have to do certain things for your partner. This practice is followed by a large number of couples. So let’s go ahead and know which day brings which gifts and surprises for your partner. We will also discuss how you can make each day an unforgettable memory for your partner.

But first of all, check the Valentine week 2019 images which we have created. You can easily download and share this image with your lover or friends. Below this image, you will find the full schedule of Valentines Week 2019 and after that, you can read about various days of Valentine Week.

Valentines Week List 2019 Image Download


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Valentines Week 2018Valentines Week 2019

Now let’s list all the days of the week and their significance.

Date Days
Feb 7, Thursday Rose Day
Feb 8, Friday Proposal Day
Feb 9, Saturday Chocolate Day
Feb 10, Sunday Teddy Day
Feb 11, Monday Promise Day
Feb 12, Tuesday Hug Day
Feb 13, Wednesday Kiss Day
Feb 14, Thursday Valentine Day

#1 The Rose Day

The very first day of the week is the Rose day. And you must have already understood about the relevance of this day. Still, if you don’t know then, you need to offer a Red Rose to your partner. Since, the Red Rose became symbolic in Greek and Roman folklore, where it was tied to Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love.

#2 Proposal Day

Proposing the love of your life takes a lot of courage. However, you must admit your love and never hide it. And hence, this day is your best shot to propose to the person you love. All you need to do is express those three magical words —the “I Love You”. You can also express it in some other fashion but, it must be extraordinary.

#3 Chocolate Day

On this day, you have to treat your partner with lots and lots of chocolate. Chocolate is said to add up the sweetness in any relationship. Hence, it is believed that couples who share their chocolates with one another tend to be happier than most of the other couples who don’t.

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#4 Teddy Day

Soft toys have always been the weakness of most of the people (especially girls). And the most loved soft toy is a teddy bear. People love to receive teddy bear as a gift and hence, gifting a teddy bear to your partner on Teddy Day leaves a strong impression on your partner.

#5 Promise Day

As the name suggests, you need to make promises with your partner. Not just normal promises, but the promises which is to stay together for better or for worse. And also, to love each other even more than the age of 70 (Ed Sheeran reference). These promises must not be broken at any cost.

#6 Hug Day

When you hug each other, you have a happier, more fulfilling relationship. Oxytocin is a hormone that increases your all-around happiness. Your body discharges oxytocin when you cuddle with your partner or, hold your partner tightly. Hence, you can start this practice from the hug day itself.

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#7 Kiss Day

Kissing your partner is like sealing your relationship with a kiss. It is one of the best feelings in the world and must be done without any hesitation. You must know about the fact that kissing for more than eight seconds kills the bacteria and viruses which have the capacity to eliminate all the diseases from your body. Plus, it also said that kissing makes people live longer because of the positive effects it gives to the hormones. So you should kiss more often to live longer and happier.

#8 Valentine’s Day

This is the final day of Valentines Week and also the most important one. All the previous efforts made by you are rewarded on this day. You can go on a candlelight dinner or on a long drive and have an amazing day full of love. This is the day of love which creates memories to cherish for a lifetime.

This is all you need to know about Valentines Week 2019 and what the different days mean before the Valentines Day. Since now you know all about Valentines Week go out there and make a difference in your partner’s life by doing something memorable for him/her and thank us later. If we have missed mentioning anything important, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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7 Awesome Valentines Day 2019 Gift Ideas For Him (Boyfriend/Husband)

Dear Sisters, if I’m not mistaken, I think you are reading this post to know the best things to give for your Mr. Right on this Valentines Week. I have already written about Valentines Day Gifts for Her and this time I’m writing for the men. So here are some Valentines Day 2019 gift ideas you should consider. Go ahead and read on. You might find the answers you’re looking for here.

Love and St. Valentine

LOVE is something that makes the whole world go around. No matter what you do or who you are, once love gets you, you will never be the same again. On behalf of ST. Valentine, we are celebrating Feb 14th as the Valentines Day all across the world. For young hearts and those forever young at hearts, here is the day that belongs to all of you. This happens just once in a year so you better make sure to make an effort to make this special day memorable.

Valentines Day 2019 Gift Ideas For Him

For your boyfriend, you need to look for something special to make him feel proud of having a girlfriend like you. If you are really anxious to find the best Valentine gift for him, don’t worry we’ve curated some items that your man might be interested in. These gifts cost some bucks, but they actually worth every penny that you are going to spend. Let’s dive in!

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1. Branded WatchesValentines Day 2019 gift ideas

Branded Watches for Valentines DayWatches are important for men, especially those types who value time and take pride in every craft they do. So choose the one that best suited for your man’s character. If he ever gave you a hint on what type of watches he likes, that would be of very great help as well. All you need is base the kind of watch you are looking for on his preferences and character. They say that the more expensive the watch is, the better they are in terms of looks, durability, and feel.

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2. Ashtray

Valentines Day 2019 AshtrayIf your man is a smoker, this one will be a good choice. Give him the best-looking manly ashtray you can find in town. To make it better, have it customized by engraving his name on it. Your ashtray does not have to be expensive. It just has to be stylish, unique if possible, and something that goes with his taste.

3. Goggles, shades, and glasses

Nothing will make your man even more good-looking than a pair of gorgeous eyewear. Again, if you already know his choice of style when it comes to eyewear, start with that hint. Just add some flare to it like choose a vintage classy-styled frame. Or perhaps get him a notable luxury eyewear that will adapt to the type of man he really is.

4. Shoes

A pair of shoe for your Valentines Day 2019

Is your boyfriend fond of footwear? If yes, do buy the pair of formals or sports shoe and give it to him this Valentines Day. Make sure you get the branded one from the showroom. Surprise him by having it gift-wrapped and put it among his shoe collection.

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5. Blazer For Him

Blazers look good for the classy and stylish men. if your man is one of those few gentlemen who can carry a blazer so smoothly, then get him one of these. It is a good option to gift him a blazer as per his favorite dress color so that he can wear it. Make sure to choose the best colors and design. Do this right and you will not just have a loving partner but also a good-looking guy that looks like a celebrity.

6. Belt

Belts are also great gifts for your sweetheart. You need to pick the best design and branded one to last long. Either choose the black or brown with a pretty big buckle which going to blend for almost any other colored dress. Not bad for Valentines Day 2019 gift ideas, right?

7. Men’s Chain

Men also love accessories. The best accessories other than a watch and a ring are chains and caps. It is best to give the light chain for your boyfriend along with your initial letter and your boyfriend as well. If you are rich, you can gift the golden chain. If you aren’t, then give either silver or any other shiny metal. The metal doesn’t matter here.

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So, We’ve listed some of the best priceless gifts that one can give to her boyfriend. It is up to you to select which one to give. Keep your mind fresh and read it once again until you decide on the best one. If you liked this post, bookmark it. Do share with your friends to give them ideas for their Valentines Day 2019 gift ideas as well.

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5 Unique Valentines Day Ideas Everyone Should Know (2019 Edition)

Valentine Day is in the air and I bet you already have plans to make it epic and memorable this year. If you are having problems with getting ideas and making great plans, rest easy now. I’ll give you some hints on some of the most unique best Valentines Days Ideas through this post. It’ll make your mind way clearer!

Love is a force that brings out the best in all of us. Sometimes, it also brings out the worst in us. But one must remember that love will always be generous, kind, understanding, and honest. And this February 14, it is St. Valentine’s birthday. Through this day, we are reminded that love should always be a consistent thing in our lives. Not just on Valentines Day, Christmas season, or any holidays and occasions. It has to be every single day.

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In this article, we have gathered some of the best and unique ideas that will help you decide on what to buy for your partner. Some of these ideas from the list might not be for you and that is okay. All you need is to choose one. You do not have to give everything that is listed here to your beloved. So now, without further ado, let begin.Unique Valentines Day Ideas

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#1. Donate To The Charity

Donate To The Charity
Image Courtesy of express.co.uk

Love is the symbol of kindness and generosity. If you really want unique Valentines Day ideas to celebrate this season of love you will need a different approach. Why not invite your partner to donate to charities and show them your own version of love?  You can donate clothes, foods or money to the charities and orphanage. It is an Indian tradition that we follow and it is something noble and we can be proud of doing. If you like this idea, please donate with a sincere intention and an open heart. You will see that it is so enlightening to give sincerity than to just receive.

#2. Write her a letter or a poem

If you want to get more sentimental and more sincere, why not write her a letter. When was the last time you write something for her? If you have never written her anything then this will be a pleasant surprise for her. She will see your more sensitive side and she will appreciate your efforts and sincerity.

If you have written her a letter before, it would be nice to surprise her again. It’s like the time when you were asking her heart and love for the very first time. But this time, it will be sweeter because she will see that you have never changed all these years.

You must check my previous post about Valentines Day Gifts for Her so that you can understand or get an idea of what you should give your girlfriend/wife this Valentines Day.

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#3. Celebrate Your Valentine Day At Mountain Peak

The mountains high, right?

Valentine Day At Mountain Peak

Have you ever planned your next Valentines celebration in mountain peak? If yes, it’ll be an ideal choice. At the peak, you can have each other all day long (or night). You are far away from traffic and the air is much better. It’s like being one with nature. If you have not done it yet, this experience is going to be a keeper. Something you will really remember for a very long time.

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#4. Better Take Her To Picnic

valentines day picnic

If the mountains are too much for you, why not go for a picnic somewhere with a green grass but not so trekky part of town. Sometimes, a simple breath of fresh air can bring out the romantics in us all.

To add to the excitement and thrill, why not go there on a bike. It is an exercise and also a fun way to see the rest of the scenery.

#5. Take Her To Your Parents!

Is she the love of your life? If you know that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, then why not introduce her to your parents. Well, it is not like you are going to marry her in the nearest future, but if you plan on doing that, please her with the idea of introducing her to your parents. Trust me, it will thrill her so much, she could love you more than ever from now on.

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Let’s Wrap it up,

Expensive and other nice things are good at certain times. But keep in mind that not everything costly is enough. Sometimes, we just some simple things in life. A simple pleasure that can worth a lifetime of memories.

If you have more ideas you can think of right now, feel free to share it with us. Just leave a comment down below and rest assured that we will be reading them. Who knows, we might include it in our next article.

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Are you getting nervous about which gift you should buy for your loved one? Don’t worry here is the list of 7 best Valentines Day 2019 gift ideas for her. These will be a great choice for your girlfriend or wife. I have already written about best Valentines Day gifts for men, so this time I am writing the best Valentines Day gifts for women.

If the world would be craving for something, most probably it would be for LOVE. No matter how sinful you are, you can eventually do right when the right person comes and will teach you how to love. This is one of the reasons that the Valentines Day is celebrating every year. To remind those who have forgotten how to love that there are so many reasons and places where we can find the true meaning of love. If we just open our eyes and look at the world through our hearts.

Since the Valentines Day is almost here, you are probably starting to prepare for gifts that you can give to your beloved. Fortunately for you, you found the right place to get some ideas that you need. Here are some Valentines Day 2019 gift ideas you might consider.

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1. Rose = A Symbol of Love

Valentines Day 2019 red rose

It is a universal truth that red roses are one of the most significant epitomai of love. If you say about love, the red rose will be the first to come to mind in any circumstance. The red rose became the synonym for love all this time and it is just right that if you love someone, send her a rose.

Gift her fresh red roses along with a greeting card to make it special in her heart. Which is going to be the best gift for her at the cheapest rate, if the price would be a matter of concern. Although you can also download Lovely Roses images and send her one on the Valentines Day.

2. Pendants = A Gift To Put Near Her Heart

Valentines Day 2019 Gift jewelry

Women love jewelry and other shiny and expensive things. It is ideal to give her a pendant along with a picture of you both. It sounds classic and old-school but I assure you that it will still work. If you can afford a simple gold or silver necklace, it will surely delight her and will make her happy.

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3. Photos = Gift Your Sweet Memories

Do you have so many pictures of you together? If that is the case, why not make a photo album from the time before you met and until the time you shared the life of each other.

Photographs are perfect for reminding old hearts about the good times and the bad times you both shared. Those fond and less fond memories can be tools to strengthen relationships and even remind you of what you used to be as individual and as lovers.

4. Teddies = Gift the Cute

Teddy bears are one of the most beloved stuff toys for women. If your woman likes teddy bears or any other stuff toys, it’s a pleasant thing if you can give one to her this Valentines Day. Simple things that give big pleasures. And if it works, you might get more than a kiss tonight.Valentines Day 2019 Gift IdeasValentine Day 2019 Teddy Bears

5. Dresses = Gift The Trending

Is your partner a fashion-conscious gal? If she is, why not take her on a shopping spree. Bring her to her favorite dress shop and let her choose one dress. If you can afford it, you may also give her more than one beautiful dress.

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6. Chocolates = Gift Mouth Watering

Chocolate is everyone’s favorite, right? And I am pretty sure that your girlfriend will be delighted to have one big box of chocolate as Valentines Day 2019 gift this love month.Valentines Day 2019 Gift Chocolates

There are some chocolate shops nowadays that offer personalized order chocolate bars. You can order to have your portrait with your girlfriend engraved on the chocolate or just your name and hers.

7. Latest Smartphones = Special Phone for Someone Special

This is probably one of those luxurious types of gift. Well, not unless you are buying cheap local brands. Anyway, the point is you can also use smartphones as a gift. If you think that your girlfriend’s smartphone needs replacement or an upgrade, why not buy her one. If you have the budget, give her something like an iPhone X Plus or the latest Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus.

I don’t know about you but as far as I am concerned, women love these kinds of gifts. It is both useful and extravagant. So why not get her one of these branded smartphones?

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Let’s Wrap It Up

No matter which gift you are going to give for your beloved, it is the thought will always count. The best gift you can give is your love and affection for her. Your time means so much to her. So with all the gifts, you can probably give her, always accompany it with a promise to her man from now and always.

I hope this helps you a lot. Let us know which gift that you think is best for your lady. Leave a comment down below and share us your Valentines Day 2019 gift ideas,

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The History Behind Valentines Day and Valentines Week

History Behind Valentines Day

Did you know how and when the Valentines Day started? Surely, you do not expect Valentines Day to just come out of nowhere and some people decided that February 14th should be about lovers and romances. In this article, we will tell the history behind Valentines Day and how it all started to become a worldwide celebration of love and falling in love.

While love has been one of the basic nature of men, it was not celebrated as something significant for before time. It was until St. Valentines was proclaimed the saint of love that the Valentines Day started.

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In the ancient third century, the Roman Empire was under the rule of Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. Claudius the Cruel was his nickname because of his harsh leadership and his tendency for waging wars against other nations and abusing his own people. He was having a difficult time recruiting enough soldiers during the third century. He needed them because he was getting himself into so many conflicts locally and even the nearest countries.

In order to make sure that Claudius gets all the able men, he canceled all marriages and engagements in Rome. He believed that Romans are not supporting his claims because they are all busy making families. All they want is to stay home with their wife and children. That is why only a few numbers are ever interested in signing up to become soldiers.

With the tyrant Claudius decision, thousands of couples saw their hopes of matrimony gone. Eventually, the majority of people rose against him and decided to not support him anymore with his whims for wars.

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But in the name of love a simple Christian priest named Valentine did come forward and stood up against this single act of a tyrant. Valentine started to secretly marry soldiers before they went off to war, despite the emperor’s cruel orders.

But soon in 269 AD Emperor Claudius found out about the secret ceremonies under Valentine’s order. Then Claudius had Valentine thrown into prison and deemed that he would be put to death.

There happened to be a jailer’s blind daughter with whom Valentine fell in love with while waiting for his execution. With no writing instruments available near, Valentine is said to have written her a sonnet in ink that he squeezed from violets on the eve of his execution. Legend has it that Valentine’s words made the blind woman see again. It was a brief romance as the next day Valentine was put to death by Roman executioners.

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Thus how St. Valentine sacrificed his life so that young couples could be bonded together in holy matrimony. St. Valentine may die but not his spirit which remained everlasting. Centuries after Valentine’s death, the story of his self-sacrificing commitment to love spread in Rome and other parts of the globe. Later he was granted Sainthood and the Catholic Church created a feast in his honor. They decided February 14 as the day of celebration because it was said that birds began to mate on that day.

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Still today people get surprised to know that Valentine’s Day is really founded on the concept of love in marriage. So, how do you plan to keep the love of your life? Ask her hand for marriage, of course.

On this Valentines Day give love, share love, make love, and be loved. The Valentines Day should not just be a one day per year celebration. It should be a reminder that love should happen every minute of every day. Always present in our hearts.

Now you know how it all started. Life has a funny way of reminding us that love is everywhere. You just need to open your eyes and heart to experience it. No fun in excises. Just do it. Love someone. Share your love. Make love. And find love to those people who really care. Happy Valentines Day lovers!

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21 Mind-Blowing Facts About Valentines Day

The Valentine’s Day is almost here because Valentines Week is already at hand. Have you decided the gift you are going to give to your loved one? I know it isn’t easy. Here, I am going to share twenty-one facts about Valentines Day that you might not have ever heard about. So without further ado, let’s head straight to it.

21 Awesome Facts About Valentines Day

Mind-Blowing Facts About Valentine’s Day

Fact 1:- In each year, about 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards get exchanged. We can’t expect for nothing less this year as well.


Fact 2:- Based on a real statistics, 3 percent of total pet lovers give Valentine’s Day gifts to their pets. Who said Valentine’s Day is only for romantic lovers?


Fact 3:- Are you single? Ditch the word Valentine’s Day. You can celebrate Singles Awareness Day instead.


Fact 4:- It was in 1537, England King Henry VII declared February 14 as St. Valentine’s Day. (Read: History of Valentines Day)


Fact 5:- In the Victorian era, people considered it unlucky to sign a Valentine’s Day card.


Fact 6:- Do you know how red flower became the symbol of love? It was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love.


Fact 7:- Every Valentine’s Day, Verona in Italy receives 1000+ letters for Juliet (Yeah, Romeo and Juliet).


Fact 8:- In US, chocolate sales go over $1 billion on the Valentine’s Day.


Fact 9:- You know what? About 15% of American women send themselves flowers.


Fact 10:- When we make a comparison, the 73% of people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men. Yeah, only 27% are women.


Fact 11:- Richard Cadburry manufactured their first box of chocolates on the Valentine’s Day in 1800s. When is the perfect time other than February 14, right?


Fact 12:- Do you know which day other than Valentine’s Day that is considered as the festival of flowers? Mothers’ Day!


Fact 13:- There was a belief in the middle ages, that the first unmarried person of the opposite sex you met on the Valentine’s Day would become your partner.


Fact 14:- Graham Bell Applied for the patent on telephone on the Valentine’s Day in 1876


Fact 15:- Are you married? Or do you have a romantic partner? Ask him/her to wake you up with a kiss on February 14. It is considered lucky.


Fact 16:- The most romantic gift ever gave on the name of love is Taj Mahal. Shajahan was the man who gave it to Mumtas Mahal.


Fact 17:- The average number of wedding proposals on February 14 each year is 222,000.


Fact 18:- An average American consumer spends $101 every Valentine’s Day.


Fact 19:- All over the world, more than 135 million heart-shaped chocolates get sold each Valentine’s Day.


Fact 20:- In 1800s, physicians advised their patients to consume chocolate to calm them from the pain of losing the loved ones.


Fact 21:- The red stands for strong romantic feeling. No wonder red is the color of love.

Wrapping Up

You have read twenty-one mind-blowing facts about Valentines Day now.

Do you know any other facts that will blow our minds? If you do, don’t forget to share them in the comment section down below.

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20 Valentines Day Love Signs For You

Do you think your Valentines Week is going to be unlucky for you? No, it’s not! If you are a believer of signs and fate, you know that there is always good in everything if you just be positive. There are some naturally occurring and even beliefs you can use in order to find yourself a special someone this Valentines Week 2019. Here are some Valentines Day love signs you should look after. Let’s get straight into the article, shall we?

Valentines Day Love Signs

You have to make sure you see any of the following omens. It may be impossible for you to create some. So, you should wait for the natural occurrence.

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#1. If you see a Robin during the Valentine’s week 2019, It means that you are about to meet someone who earns a living from the water (a fisherman, naval officer, etc.)

see robin during the valentine’s week

#2. Is your partner too far from you? Do you want to see him/her? Keep a burning candle near your window. He/she will come back to you safely in this Valentines week.

burning candle near your window

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#3. If you happen to see a dove in this Valentines week, your marriage will be happy and loving.

see a dove on valentines week

#4. Are you alone in Valentines week? Do you want to find the love of your life? Burn a pink candle. It will help you find the right one.

#5. Your partner will be involved in charitable or spiritual work if you see a blackbird in this special week.


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#6. Don’t see your partner on the day before your marriage. Even if it is the Valentines Day, you must avoid it.

#7. Seeing a bluebird in the Valentines week is interpreted as the assurance that your partner will be humorous.


#8. Don’t cry this whole weekend. Just smile! You will have a charismatic partner. It basically means that positive attitude attracts positive things.

#9. Your partner will be a farmer or a involved in plants if you see a sparrow in the Valentine’s week.


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#10. Do not propose in public. Proposing in public is considered as a bad sign. So no public proposing this week!

Do not propose in public

#11. Want to have a rich partner? Watch out for a kingfisher in this Valentine’s week.


#12. Always send and receive Roses in this week. Avoid Lilacs at any cost. It would cause misfortune.


#13. Do you want to have a stable and homely relationship? Try to find a duck in this Valentines week 2019.


#14. Do not accept two letters from different people, especially this week. You will end up marrying none of them.

#15. Glimpsing a goldfinch this week means your partner will be a luxurious man.


#16. Don’t gift a handkerchief to your boyfriend. In case you bought one, receive the equivalent money for it. That would nullify the effect of being it a gift. A gift handkerchief means that your relationship will bring tears and heartaches.

#17. If you get a glance at a gull this Valentines week 2019, your partner will be a man who travels a lot for the job.


#18. You have to be conscious about the color of roses you get this week. Do not receive or send black roses.

black rose

#19. In case you see birds of prey, you should know that your partner will be a business man or a politician.

#20. If you view a flock of gloves this Valentines week 2019, you will have a peaceful marriage.


These are just 21 signs that people used to interpret the future of their love affairs. You may believe it or not, it will all be up to you. You will always control your fate and you drive your own life. If anything, We hope you all the best in this world not just this Valentines Day but also for all the days of the year.

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Happy Valentines Day 2019 Images (Red Roses Pics With Quotes)

February 14 – Valentines Day 2019 has more importance than any other day of Valentine Week. There are many things that you can do, or I should say that you must do on this particular day. I know everyone would love to do something special for his/her Valentine on this day. There are hundreds of cute things that you can do on February 14. However, if you are running out of romantic ideas for Valentines Day 2019, then my friend, I have something special for you. I recommend all of you guys to check best romantic ideas for Valentine day.

I have already shared some great ideas for Valentines Day 2019, but I think there can’t be anything better than sending a red roses image with Happy Valentines Day written on it as a good morning message.

Download Happy Valentines Day 2019 HD Images


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Happy Valentines Day 2019

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Happy Valentines Day 2019 yellow rose

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As we all know red rose is the sign of love, especially for Valentine day red roses are must, and super important object. That’s the reason why i though of sharing happy valentine day 2017 HD images for free download. Well, enough of talk already i think now you should start downloading these images.

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Valentines Day Fact: The Market For Roses

After Christmas and New Year, Valentines Day is considered as one of the most celebrated occasions of every year. Come February 14 and we will celebrate the day of the lovers and the romantics. Here’s a Valentines Day fact: The Valentines Week celebration starts from 7th February and runs for a whole week. Usually, this week is known as Valentines Week.

Each day of the week contributes different aspects which relate to the thing related to Valentines Day. The first day of the week is considered as the Rose day which is on the 7th of February. As the name shows this day mainly deals with the Roses. Today I’m going to let you know about the US State which seems to be producing the most roses for the Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Do You Know Which State Produces The Most Roses For This Day?

Valentines Day Fact: California Location Map

The rose is considered as the flower of Love. Everyone is using this flower for Valentines Day. But a meager number of people know about the facts behind its production. In America, the state of California is considered to be the state which produces the maximum roses for this celebration. It is approximately stated that around 60 percent of the American roses are produced by California. But there is a fact that the most flowers are imported from South America. California is considered to be the most populous state in America. It is located on the Western Coast of the United States.

More Facts About Roses

  • Most of the red roses will get sold and delivered within three days from the harvesting. It counts around 110 million of roses. Red Roses are the most selling flowers in the Valentines Day celebrations.
  • Men are known to be the majority of rose buyers during the Valentines Day celebrations. They contribute around 73 percent of the people while the remaining is seemed to be women.