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How Much You Should Spend on Days of Valentine’s Week?

So yeah, Valentine’s Week is here. You know that some super special days are about to come, don’t you?

You may be planning to give your partner gifts on each day in the Valentine’s week 2017. Some of you may have concerns about the budget and the cost.

Don’t worry! In this article, you are going to get a glimpse of how much you should spend on each days.

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How Much should You Spend on Days of Valentine’s Week 2017?

How Much You Should Spend on Days of Valentine’s Week

Without further ado, let’s get started.

#1. Rose Day- February 7

As you all know, the first one is Rose Day, that’s on February 7. The best gift is a bouquet of roses. You can buy a decent one for $20.

If you are on a shoelace budget, you can even go for a small bunch for only $10. You know? There’s no maximum. The bouquet is available for $100 as well.

Cost: $10-$100

#2. Propose Day- February 8

Do you want to take your relationship to the next level? Then, you can gift an engagement ring. That would cost you at least $50.

In case you are going to propose to initiate your relationship, you can gift a greeting card that proclaims your love or something similar; not more than $10.

Cost: $10-$50

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#3. Chocolate Day- February 9

The day says it all. The best gift is chocolate. You won’t have to worry about it here as they are available for all budgets.

You can buy chocolates for $5 as well as $50. It is up to you and your budget which one to go with.

Cost: $5-$50

#4. Teddy Day- February 10

Again, it is up to your budget. The best thing you can choose as a gift is a teddy bear. And, you can get one for $5 as well as $100.

I recommend you buy one in red color. The more decorations the doll has, the more price you will have to pay.

Cost: $5-$100

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#5. Promise Day- February 11

Are you serious about your relationship? If you think he/she is the one, you can get his/her name as a permanent tattoo on your body. (Will cost you somewhere in between $100 and $200).

It will let the other one knows that you are going to keep your promise to be with him/her forever.

Cost: $100-$200

#6. Hug Day- February 12

Yeah, the best gift you can ever give on this day is a tight hug. Hold him/her like you are not going to get off of that person.

Feel the warmth of his/her body.

Cost: N/A

#7. Kiss Day- February 13

Do you want me to tell you what to do?

Just kiss him/her. Let your passion flows through your lips and pour it to him/her. I am sure that you people could have kissed earlier.

But this time, in this Valentine’s week 2017, it is going to be different.

Cost: N/A

#8. Valentine’s Day- February 14

Finally, the day is here.

You can go for any of the gifts given above. Or go for something DIY, a photo album, a card or some other crafts. Your partner is going to get amazed at your skills.

Cost: $5-$100

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it!

I hope you got a clear idea about the expenditure. On average, you will have to spend at least $100-$150, by keeping the tattooing out of the equation.

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How to Start Valentine’s Week If Your Love is Angry with You?

Is your partner angry with you? Do you think it is impossible for you to celebrate valentines day?

I know the feel. I know you are going to feel dejected, disappointed and lost as you see your friends hanging around happily with their partners.

Don’t worry! I have got a few tips for you to get back to the normal state of your relationship before the Valentine’s week starts. Are you ready to get into the core of this article? Here you go!

How to Start Valentine’s Week when Your GF/BF, Husband/Wife is Angry with You?

Start Valentine’s Week If Your Love is Angry

The following are a few tips that can mend your relationship.

#1. Apologize from Your Heart

Yeah, you heard it right! Mostly, breakups happen due the ego of each partner. Even if one is convicted, his/her ego doesn’t allow a confession.

You should cross your ego. If the fight happened because of something you said or did, you must tell sorry from the bottom of your heart.

Maybe, you didn’t start it. But you poured oil to the burning fight with steamy arguments. You can apologize for that too.

Then, your partner realizes his/her fault as well.

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#2. Tell that You Love Him/ Her

Even if the apology doesn’t work out, it will melt the heart of your better half for sure. So, you should keep on telling her/him how much you love him/her.

You can recall all the sweet things he/she did for you. Don’t forget to say it aloud. He/she will be glad to hear it from you.

In case he/she is away from you, send the photos of the special moments you spend with him/her as a collage or something special, like a video.

#3. Gift Him/ Her

If the Valentine’s week 2017 is already started, you must give your gift. The first day is Rose Day. You can buy a bouquet of rose flowers for that.

Even if the special week isn’t started yet, you can buy him/her a gift, a special one, something they will remember for the rest of their life. But that doesn’t mean it should be an expensive one.

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#3. Avoid Expectations

Realize the status of your relationship. You are not in a normal mode. Your partner is angry with you. So, you shouldn’t expect much from him/her.

Ask yourself. If you were him/her, how would you behave? Then, you will get the correct answer. He/she is mad at you. But that’s not forever.

And, you must not keep your hopes up. Just do your part well.

#4. Try to Solve the Issue

Maybe, there is something you can do to cheer your partner up.

Think about the reason why he/she is angry. Is there something you could have done in the first place that would avoid this fight? Think about it.

If there was something, can you do it now?

Let your partner know you are going to do it.

Wrapping Up

I hope everything is clear now.

I want to tell you something that will avoid the fights in future. Don’t bring your fights to the next day. Solve everything before you go to bed. Talk about it, argue about it if needed. And then, forget about it.

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10 Bad Habits You Should Break to Get a Lover

You want to get a lover this valentine week or valentine day, don’t you? All of us want someone as the love of your life. I know how exactly it feels like having no one. All your friends got someone! Still, you are lonely, desperate and craving out for love. Why does this happen? Do you want to know? Maybe, you have some of the following deadly habits that break a relationship.

Bad Habits You should Break to Get a Lover

10 Bad Habits You Should Break to Get a Lover

I have compiled a list of ten bad habits that repels the opposite gender from you.

#1. Talks too much and Listen to Nothing

If you want to have a lover, you must balance well between talking and listening. I am not saying you to keep silence when someone you want see as your lover approaches you.

Don’t cut them off in the middle of talking. Listen to them and share your opinion once you get the chance.

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#2. Not Taking Good Care of Your Body

If you don’t take good care of your body, you have the slightest chances to have a lover. People love well-shaped bodies. You have to exercise everyday and be conscious about your body.

#3. Not Getting Over Your Past

You might have faced a lot of sorrows in the past. And, you know there’s nothing you are going to get by recollecting the memories.

So, get past it. Don’t live in your past.

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#4. No Eye Contact

Don’t you make eye contact when you talk to the opposite sex?

Eye contact connects the people together. Moreover, your words seem more credible as well. So don’t forget to make eye contact.

#5. Uttering Monosyllabic Answers

This is the opposite of what you read under #1. When people ask you something, you shouldn’t say monosyllabic answers like yes, no, etc.

It makes them think that you are not interested in the conversation. Bear in mind, the boundary line between talking too much and talking too less are blurry. You need to find, stay on it and keep on doing it.

#6. You are not Complimenting

People love compliments, especially when it comes from their loved ones.

Even if you don’t have the habit of complimenting others, you should develop it.

Do you want a lover? Then, you should compliment them.

#7. You are a Terrible Liar

How do you feel when you find out someone you care about lied to you?

The same feeling is universal. So, you should tell the least number of lies. I know it is impossible not to tell at all. And, make sure others don’t find out what you say is a lie.

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#8. Not Saying what’s on Your Mind

If you want to have a lover, you must be transparent about your emotions.

Let me tell you why. When you step into a relationship, that person gets to know about you. And, they will find out when you say something and mean something else.

#9. Lacking Self-Confidence

You should be self-confident. Your self-confidence makes your partner proud.

#10. Not Having High Goals

You should live a goal-oriented life. If you don’t have any goals in life, most possibly you will have a few flings, nothing serious.

Wrapping Up

So, you should avoid these ten bad habits to get a lover.

What do you say?

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5 Ways How This Valentines Week Can Change Your Life

The Valentine’s Day is here. I know different person has different looks on their face while reading this. In this article, I am going to share five ways through which this Valentine’s Week can change your life. Don’t worry if you are single. You are going to get something as well by reading this. So, Yes! You should read this article definitely. So shall we begin? Here you go!

Ways Valentine’s Week 2017 Can Change Your Life

Valentines Week 2017 Can Change Your Life

Yeah, Valentine’s Week is the set of seven days for lovers. But I didn’t mean romantic partners. There are a lot more you can do even if you don’t have a romantic partner. I am sharing both the ways here.

#1. Confess Your Love

I know it feels scary. You are afraid that whether he/she accepts your love or not.

Get over that thought. You must confess your love this week. There are multiple ways you can do it.

Is he/she your friend? If she/he is, you know what that person likes or what his/her favorites are. So, it is easy for you to propose.

Don’t hold that feeling any longer. If you don’t act soon, you will regret later. Maybe, she/he is in the same state as you.

#2. Relish Your Love

Maybe you have a romantic partner. I know how love works. We all go through it crazily for a few months. But once the honeymoon period gets over, you will not feel the same way about it.

You will start fighting, criticizing, taking for granted, blaming, and what not.

You know what? It happens in every relationship. The beauty is how you mend the problems.

You must buy a present for her/him. Decide that you will send at least one romantic message each day.

#3. Start Loving Singlehood

You may not have a lover.

But you know what? No one can love you more than yourself! Yeah, it is the truth.

Don’t get into a relationship in a rush as the Valentine’s Day is approaching. You can love yourself. Make a bucket list and fulfill each one in this week.

And, you must care about everything of yourself.

Do you want to write a book? Start it now. Start following your dreams with no strings attached.

#4. Get a Pet

You know what?

A lot of people give their pets a gift on the Valentine’s Day. Still, you think it is the day for the romantic relationships?

No, you are wrong!

It is the day to celebrate your love towards anyone and anything. Do you love having a pet? Get one today itself.

You will be so happy during the Valentine’s Week.

You may also read our guide about best valentine day gifts for him and best valentine day gifts for her.

#5. Bring a Person whom You Hurt the Most back into Your Life

You might have hurt a lot of people in your life. Think about one person, only one, whom you hurt the most and today, you are not in touch with.

Have you got the name? You are going to spend this week with her/ him?

Don’t ask me how. There are a lot of ways. Search of social media, ask their friends or visit the home.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got five life changing ways through which you can celebrate this Valentine’s Day and spend the whole week.

What do you say? Are you ready for it?

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Valentines Day Memes Collection 2019 (New Latest Memes)

Valentines Day will come soon, and It’s only a few days from now. Valentines Day is special for lovers. Thus, it’s celebrated with joy all over the world. However, some people will be feeling sad on this Valentines Day or any other days of Valentines week. For some, their lover is away from them, or perhaps they just don’t have someone to celebrate the Valentines day this year. So here are some Valentines Day memes collection 2019 to cheer you up.

Anyhow, whatever the reason is, you see, it’s always a mind refreshing thing to check some cool Valentines day memes collection 2019 online. I had shared the funny Valentines Day memes for the first time on this blog last year. But for this year I created some new memes for Valentines week 2019 days and just shared them here. Feel free to download and share these memes wherever you want.

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Valentines Day Memes Collection 2019 (New)

When you love, you feel like in heaven, but love may also hurt like hell


Use things, not people. Love people, not things.

So You Have A Valentine...... REALLY-

Love – it is the light of life. Marriage – it’s light bill.

Like some, love some, trust none

It looks like you’re suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me.

If you love someone who doesn’t love you, it means you are waiting for a ship at the airport.

I missed my breakfast, when believed people saying that we can live on love.

Can I borrow a kiss- I promise I’ll give it back.

New Memes Disclaimer: I created these memes, So if you like these please drop a comment below and let me know. Your comment matters, also share some suggestions for me too.

Valentine Day 2016 Memes (Old Once)

Old Memes Disclaimer: All of these funny memes are collected from the internet, I create none of these. We respect the creative individuals who created these, but sadly who don’t know who are them.

Shivaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Family Tree

Check The Full Family Tree Of Shivaji Maharaj From This Page. Shivaji Maharaj is also famously known as chhatrapati shivaji maharaj.

Bhosale family was most famous warrior clan of Maratha dynasty who ruled over many states of India. They were very famous Warriors. The strongest member of the family was Shivaji Maharaj. He was the legendary founder of Maratha Empire.

Shivaji’s origin belongs to Suryavanshi Sisodia Rajputs. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born on 19th of February 1627 and died on 3rd of April 1680 and was the son of Shahaji Rare Bhosale and Jijabai.

Shivaji Maharaj Full Family Tree (Found on Web)

shivaji maharaj family tree latest image 2017

Shivaji Maharaj Family Tree (The One Which We Created)

Shivaji Maharaj Family Tree

His father had three wife’s named Jijabai, Tukabai and Narsabai. Ekoji was Shivaji’s younger brother and son of Tukabai. Sambhaji Sahaji Bhosale was the elder brother of Shivaji, and his mother was Jijabai.

Later, in his life, he married three queens named Putulabai, Maharani Saibai, and Soyarabai. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was the second Chhatrapati and ruler of Maratha Empire and was his eldest son of Shivaji and Saibai. Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj was the younger brother of Sambhaji and son of Soyarabai. Chhatrapati Sambhaji had one son from Yesubai named as Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj born on 1682 and son of Rajaram and Rani Tarabai was Chhatrapati Shivaji II.

This was the great dynasty and family tree of brave Shivaji. Although this is a short text version, so I recommend you to check the image of Shivaji’s family tree from above to get a clear idea of his family.

Shivaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – Facts, Full Biography and History Of Shivaji

Shivaji Maharaj Also Popularly known by the name if Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was one of the most sensible and progressive warrior kings of India. He was born to Jijabai and Shahaji Raje Bhonsle on 1627, 10th April at Shivneri, Maharashtra.

Shivaji was one of the most important administrative rulers of India and founder of the Maratha Empire in the nation. From very early age his mother inspired him with patriotic ideas towards the country, the people and his motherland. His Guru Ramdas infused his love for the Hinduism and religion of the kingdom.

Shivaji Maharaj Quick Facts

From childhood, he was with heroic qualities and showed his nature as a ruler. According to the history, he was very familiar with the Ramayana and Mahabharata and inspired by these two and led the religious life. Shivaji was extremely devoted to his mother, you can see full family tree of shivaji maharaj from here.

Shivaji Maharaj: Conquering the Nation

shivaji maharaj image3

Chhatrapati Shivaji began his career at the age of nineteen and conquered many forts which help Shivaji’s soldiers to stay safe from enemies. Sultans of Bijapur imprisoned his father Shahaji Raje Bhonsle due to his activities; Chhatrapati maintained the silence during the years of imprisoning days of his father. After that, Shahaji Bhonsle had released from the prison, and the Shivaji started his conquest activities. By the year 1655, Shivaji occupied the northern part of Konkan and port of Javali.

Unknown facts about Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj

shivaji maharaj image1

Shivaji and his son imprisoned under very careful watch by Aurangzeb and his soldiers, and he did not treat him well. Chhatrapati tried to escape from the prison with his son from Agra and succeed in it. He started the war against Mughals with vigorous activities, and finally Mughal King Aurangzeb recognized Shivaji Maharaj as the warrior king. While days were going on in 1674, Shivaji announced that he was an independent ruler of Maharashtra and proved himself as people’s King of his motherland. He celebrated his Rajyabhishek from the Kingdom and Maratha people and assumed as “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.”

Shivaji Maharaj: The Leader

shivaji maharaj hd wallpaper for android

Shivaji Maharaj was an excellent administrator, his popularity and charisma drew people’s attention towards him. People of Maharashtra found the leadership qualities who never think about his life in times of threat and danger. In Shivaji’s kingdom, he had Muslim soldiers, and they treated well by the King.

He fought with the rulers who tried to occupy and threatened his country and wanted slavery, he did not fight with the religions, these qualities made him a real leader. During his historical period of the ruling of his kingdom, Shivaji Maharaj made many clashes with the Mughal emperors, deals with the British government and succeed and assumed as Monarch too. He attacked and defeated many kingdoms and increased his ruling authority. He was an efficient ruler and administrator handled the country with just a firm hand. He had a strong navy force and eligible mandal soldiers. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj fatherly attitude was always on his citizens.

He died on 3rd or 5th April 1680 with heavy fever on the evening of Hanuman jayanthi. He was such a great leader that is the reason till date we remembered him as a brave and protective King of Maharashtra.

Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja 2019 Date and Time (2019 Vasant Panchami Muhurta)

Are you looking for the Date and Time of Saraswati Puja? If yes, then here on this page you will get information about the exact dates and time for Saraswati Puja 2019. Goddess Saraswati is Hindu goddess of knowledge, Music, Arts, Wisdom, and Learning. From the ancient days to the modern world, still people of India and even outside of India(such as in Japan, Vietnam, Bali (Indonesia) and Myanmar) respect this Hindu goddess. (Check Saraswati Puja Images)

saraswati puja date and time

  • Vasant Panchami Puja Muhurta: 06:22 to 11:48
  • Duration: 5 Hours 25 Mins
  • Panchami Tithi Begins: 15:33 on 21/Jan/2019
  • Panchami Tithi Ends: 16:24 on 22/Jan/2019

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Information Source: Wikipediadrikpanchang.com.

Saraswati Puja

5 Best Saraswati Puja Pandal Images & Decoration Ideas

Here you can check some of the best Saraswati Puja Pandals Images and Themes. By seeing these images, you can surely get Saraswati Puja Pandals Designs Ideas for creating a unique and impressive pandal. In India, People celebrate Vasant Panchami Festival on the fifth day of spring. The festival is celebrated in the honor of Saraswati Devi(Hindi Word for Goddess). This day Parents teach their infants how to write alphabets.

Vasant Panchami also known as Saraswati Puja in India, especially in West Bengal people celebrate this event very enthusiastically. If you visit Kolkata in this event, you will see many creative pandals designs. As this Hindu Puja is very famous among students, they create awesomely creative pandals and themes from the creative minds.

Saraswati Puja Pandals Photos

Saraswati Puja Pandal Image 1

Saraswati Puja Pandal Image 5

Saraswati Puja Pandal Image 2

Saraswati Puja Pandal Image 4

Saraswati Puja Pandal Image 3

Saraswati Puja

Saraswati Puja Images – Some Incredible Pictures of Maa Saraswati

Saraswati Puja is celebrated around India with enthusiasm. People especially students worship Hindu goddess of knowledge Saraswati. Our team’s members went to Puja pandals and clicked some pics of Maa Saraswati using their phones. So, we thought of sharing those incredible pictures of Saraswati Devi with you people. Below you can check some of the best Saraswati puja images, fell free to download the same by right clicking and choosing save as.