Love is a critical aspect of human life. It is believed that you will be in less depression if you are loved unconditionally by someone. Finding the love of your life might sometimes be easy and sometimes very time consuming and difficult. However, once you have found the right person to love, you will be looking for reasons to express your love to the other person. Hence, we have got Valentine week 2018 with us.

the days of valentines week 2018 image

During this week, there are different days before Valentine’s day 2018 such as propose day, kiss day, etc. On all the days of Valentines week You have to do certain things for your partner. This practice is followed by a large number of couples. So let’s go ahead and know which day brings which gifts and surprises for your partner. We will also discuss how you can make each day an unforgettable memory for your partner.But first of

But first of all, check the Valentine week 2018 image which we have created, you can easily download and share this image with your lover or friends. Below this image, you will find the full schedule of valentines week 2018 and after that you can read about various days of valentine week.

Valentines Week List 2018 Image Download

Valentine Week 2018 List Image

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Valentines Week 2018

Now let’s list all the days of the week and their significance.

Date Days
Feb 7, Tuesday Rose Day
Feb 8, Wednesday Propose Day
Feb 9, Thursday Chocolate Day
Feb 10, Friday Teddy Day
Feb 11, Saturday Promise Day
Feb 12, Sunday Hug Day
Feb 13, Monday Kiss Day
Feb 14, Tuesday Valentine Day

#1 The Rose Day

The very first day of the week is the Rose day. And you must have already understood about the relevance of this day. Still, if you don’t know then, you need to offer a Red Rose to your partner. Since, the Red Rose became symbolic in Greek and Roman folklore, where it was tied to Aphrodite, or Venus, the goddess of love.

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#2 Propose Day

Proposing the love of your life takes a lot of courage. However, you must admit your love and never hide it inside yourself. And hence, this day is your best shot to propose the person you love. All you need to do is express those three magical words which are “I Love You.” You can also express it in some other fashion but, it must be extraordinary.

#3 Chocolate Day

On this day, you have to treat your partner with lots and lots of chocolate. Chocolate is said to add up the sweetness in any relation. Hence, it is believed that couples who share their chocolates with one another tend to be happier than most of the other couples who don’t.

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#4 Teddy Day

Soft toys have always been the weakness of most of the people (especially girls). And the most loved soft toy is a teddy bear. People love to receive a teddy bear as a gift and hence, gifting a teddy bear to your partner on Teddy Day leaves a strong impression on your partner.

#5 Promise Day

As the name suggests, you need to make promises with your partner. Not just normal promises but, the promises which are to be kept for the lifetime with no if and or. These promises must not be broken at any cost.

#6 Hug Day

When you hug each other, you have a happier, more fulfilling relationship. Oxycontin is a hormone that increases your all-around happiness. Your body discharges oxytocin when you cuddle with your partner or, hold your partner tightly. Hence, you can start this practice from the hug day itself.

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#7 Kiss Day

Kissing your partner is like sealing your relationship with a kiss. It is one of the best feelings in the world and must be done without any hesitation. You must know about the fact that kissing for more than eight seconds transfers the bacterias and viruses which have the capacity to eliminate all the diseases from your body.

#8 Valentine’s Day

This is the final day of Valentine’s week and also the most important one. All the previous efforts made by you are rewarded on this day. You can go on a candle light dinner or on a long drive and have an amazing day full of love. This is the day of love which creates memories to cherish for a lifetime.

This is all you need to know about Valentine’s week 2018 and what the different days mean before the Valentine’s Day. Since now you know all about Valentine’s week, go out there and make a difference in your partner’s life by doing something memorable for him/her and thank us later. If we have missed mentioning anything as important, then please let us know in the comments section below.

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